So, for some reason I’ve decided to start posting a little more to this, even though I haven’t touched it in 2 or so years. Since the only thing I can be consistent with is books, I think that might be what I keep it to, maybe an occasional airing of thoughts if I feel I need more than the 160 or so character limit on twitter. Oh, don’t judge me on the previous posts you see, I thought I was going to use this blog for talking about articles and current events so thus the rather passionate writing. 

Anyways, saw someone set up a simple outline for books that they’ve read, so I feel like I’ll imitate it, changing it a bit. And I’ll add to it throughout the year. 

Favorite Books
Average Books
Unimpressive Books 
School Books

I figure this will be a nice way to just see simple progress and see what I achieve in a given year. 
If you’re interested in seeing all the books I have in my collection, or all the books I’ve read, check out my profiles on – (library) (profile)
OR –

Feel free to add me as a friend or whatever they call it on those sites. Always up for discussing books, though until graduation in May, I won’t have as many to discuss since school reading takes up most of my time! 

PS I was going to add another post and start out 2009, but I have class in the morning and I have yet again gotten caught up in something instead of going to bed!! haha! So I’ll get to it soon, promise!


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