I just cannot stop, can I? haha. I was looking through my journal and noticed that I had kept a list of books I read this past summer. And I can look at old syllabi to find out which books I read in my classes. I am a total nerd, I am fully aware of this fact, haha.

the Favorites:
The Vampire Lestat  Anne Rice
The Queen of the Damned  Anne Rice
Dead Until Dark  Charlaine Harris
The Thirteenth Tale  Diane Setterfield
New Moon  Stephenie Meyer
A Wolf at the Table  Augusten Burroughs
The Omnivore’s Dilemma  Michael Pollan
Living Dead in Dallas  Charlaine Harris
Eclipse  Stephenie Meyer
Club Dead  Charlaine Harris
Dead to the World  Charlaine Harris
People of the Book  Geraldine Brooks
Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil  John Berendt
Dead as a Doornail  Charlaine Harris
The Shadow of the Wind  Carlos Ruiz Zafon
My Pet Virus: The True Story of a Rebel Without a Cure  Shawn Decker

the Good/Average ones:
Garden Spells  Sarah Addison Allen
HeartSick  Chelsea Cain
The Story of French  Jean-Benoît Nadeau & Julie Barlow
The Society of S  Susan Hubbard
The $64 Tomato  William Alexander
Sex With Kings: 500 Years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry & Revenge  Eleanor Herman

the “Engh” ones:
Fat Girl  Judith Moore
Bleedout  Joan Brady
I Have the Right to Destroy Myself  Young-Ha Kim

texts for Classes:
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Cadavers  Mary Roach +++++
Life After Life  Raymond A. Moody, Jr 
Confronting Death: Values, Institutions, & Human Mortality  David Wendell Moller 
50 Facts That Should Change the World  Jessica Williams
Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction  Adam Jones 
Night  Elie Wiesel 
Burglars on the Job: Streetlife and Residential Break-Ins  Richard T. Wright
Why Crime Rates Fell  John E. Conklin
In Search of Dracula: The History of Dracula & Vampires  Radu Florescu
Vampire Lore  Jan Louis Perkowski 
Dracula  Bram Stoker

Alright, so 36 books. Not too shabby I would say. And there are likely a couple more left unmentioned simply because I cannot remember back to the beginning of 2008. Noticing the titles, yes, I do have a fondness for vampire stories of all kinds, and then ended up taking a class on Dracula and Slavic Culture, so lots of Vampirey titles. Hopefully I can beat that number this year!


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