Depending on how much I use the blog, the book list will likely be continuously moved so that it is always the most recent post, or close to most recent. (if I can do that, I haven’t really wrangled with Blogger that much to know if that’s possible. 

I’ll continue finagling with the blog itself a little later; (there are gadgets apparently?!) But for now, I need to stop avoiding my reading for classes!
Tomorrow it is off to Short Pump to have my macbook looked at – the DVD drive is funky. Keeps saying that it is “skipping damaged area” on brand new DVDs. Shane will be meeting me there, as I am inept with computers and liable to not tell the Genius Bar everything. It should be nice to see him. And hopefully they can fix my baby. I got it over the summer so Shane says it is still covered by warranty. (Thank goodness, because I’ve got enough credit card debt to pay off as it is, haha.) 
Alright, seriously. Back to work!

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