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New VA Driver’s license

Take a lookie there, why does VA always have to be so hardcore? Though, I’m 21 so it doesn’t really matter anymore to me, haha. 



PS. Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. Was preparing for a job fair today at Georgetown, turned into an epic failure. I have 4 midterms next week as well as an interview next Wednesday (and my project proposal is probably due too :-X). But Spring Break starts at the end of next week, so hopefully I can do some posts over the break, since I’ll just be sitting at home.



Ooooooo, this month’s listing of early review books on is excellent. I want to read like 3/4 of the books up for grabs!


(not that I have time to read anything but books for class, but who cares?!) Just 3 more months, that’s all!


Dear Justice Marshall,

I realize that you were an intelligent man, making decisions on cases that have greatly effected the modern United States judicial system. Due to the young nature of our country during your appointment as Chief Justice, there was likely a need to explain things…thoroughly… so all could understand the Court’s application and interpretation of the law. However, being a college student, I have limited time to be reading (as every single one of my professors likes to assign 500 pages of reading each week), so I request that your “Opinions of the Court” be cut to a 2-3 page maximum – starting with McCulloch v. Maryland.


Respect, but no Love,


Hello world!

Alrighty, well I decided to migrate my blog to wordpress since it has a lot of neat features and blogger was honestly pissing me off. I have customized some parts of it already, but give me some time to get it exactly how I want it. 🙂

I Could Eat a Zebra

Hey all,

I am starving and I do not know what to eat – incredibly frustrating. I will likely order something. 
Just finished Sex Trafficking by Kathryn Farr. I have a review of it on my librarything page and my livingsocial page. Ultimately my biggest issue with the book was its repetitiveness – it really bogged down the reading, taking me a lot longer to finish than it should have. 
Another friend of mine got a job, a good job. Congrats to her. But I cried last night, drank some wine on an empty stomach … Let us just say that the stress about post-graduation occupation is wearing me down considerably. Though I did get approved for an interview as an “alternate.” I think they were having a laugh, as it is financial, but I would be stupid to pass up the opportunity for an interview. I still have to sign up for the interview, I think that is where the “alternate” part comes in, I get lowest priority in signing up, and could ultimately not get a time slot. Oh well. 
Nothing really new going on. Boiled some eggs, did laundry, and got a haircut. Oh and I ordered a hookah and it came in the other day 🙂 I will only be able to use it at the girls’ apartment, though. The company sent me some apple shisha as well as strawberry. I will go out and buy some more when I get the opportunity.
That is about it. I am supposed to read some more tonight, but I may just watch a movie. One can only read so much about gender violence, et al. in one night. 

"I write stories about poop"

Hello all 🙂

I’m going to have to figure out posting pictures more, definitely did not come out as neat and orderly as I was hoping in my room post, but oh well. 

Life has been consumed with reading for classes, and another trip to Richmond. Jenifer and the boys (after a whole host of issues, long story) finally came up for dinner and post-dinner hanging out with me and Heather at the apartment. (Robin had to go to work.) Little Sean has gotten so big! and Ethan of course remains a handful. He’s too smart for his own good, and he speaks much better than the 3 1/2 year old he is. Hmmm, let me post a picture of them: 

There we go, aren’t they precious ?? 🙂 That is a picture Jen sent me a few months ago; unfortunately we did not get very many shots with them on Friday, and what ones we did are on Heather’s camera, and who knows when I will actually receive them. I love my little nephy-poos. 

Anywho, like I said, life has not been terribly exciting as of late. School School School. Oh! I bought a hookah online, haha. (not for the illegal stuff) Though whenever it comes in, I am going to have to buy some shisha (sp?). Rose and orange are the only ones I have tried thus far. I’ll put a picture up when I get it in, I have already had enough of dealing with blogger and pictures. 

I also picked up my cap and gown today, eek! It’s frightening; on the one hand I am super excited to be graduating, being free from school and homework and long papers, and starting to live my own separate, adult life. On the other hand, though, this finding  a job crap is ridiculous. I have posted on it before, so I will not get into it here, suffice it to say: someone give me a decent job! With that my life will be off to a good start 🙂 I also put it in an order for graduation announcements, and then got into a minor tiff with my mother for being cheap. She refuses to buy a diploma frame from the University, convinced that it would come in some holder on its own (which it does not!) Then she said we could get it framed at Michael’s or some other arts and crafts store. I am going to have to work on her, see if I can get her to pay half or something (the frames ain’t cheap!)

That shall be all, for now. Time to surf the net a bit and hit the hay for some beauty sleep. Night all! 🙂

Room Pics

Ok, finally getting around to posting these. Probably not that interesting since it’s 
been over a week, but sort of a matter of principle, if I didn’t post these then the blog would have died (my logic makes sense to me). But yeah, it was disgusting. 

Now for some after pictures 🙂

Unfortunately I must say that my room is not as clean as it is in the pictures anymore. But I’ve kept it in pretty good order, not nearly as bad as before 😉