I Could Eat a Zebra

Hey all,

I am starving and I do not know what to eat – incredibly frustrating. I will likely order something. 
Just finished Sex Trafficking by Kathryn Farr. I have a review of it on my librarything page and my livingsocial page. Ultimately my biggest issue with the book was its repetitiveness – it really bogged down the reading, taking me a lot longer to finish than it should have. 
Another friend of mine got a job, a good job. Congrats to her. But I cried last night, drank some wine on an empty stomach … Let us just say that the stress about post-graduation occupation is wearing me down considerably. Though I did get approved for an interview as an “alternate.” I think they were having a laugh, as it is financial, but I would be stupid to pass up the opportunity for an interview. I still have to sign up for the interview, I think that is where the “alternate” part comes in, I get lowest priority in signing up, and could ultimately not get a time slot. Oh well. 
Nothing really new going on. Boiled some eggs, did laundry, and got a haircut. Oh and I ordered a hookah and it came in the other day 🙂 I will only be able to use it at the girls’ apartment, though. The company sent me some apple shisha as well as strawberry. I will go out and buy some more when I get the opportunity.
That is about it. I am supposed to read some more tonight, but I may just watch a movie. One can only read so much about gender violence, et al. in one night. 

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