And then you make this noise, and it’s apparent it’s all over…

Hey all, who knows if I’ll ever update this thing as regularly as I should. I can promise that I’ll do it more regularly, but that would be wasted breath (or words).

Catch up:

Spring Break was lazy – all I did was sleep and watch NCIS (which I am now a big fan of). Did some reading, but not nearly as much as I was supposed to. Prior to Spring Break starting I petitioned my Dean to let me go below the requisite 12 credits so I could withdraw from my Jewish Museum class, which she approved. I only need 9 credits to graduate, and I did not like the professor for that class, so why take it?

My 3 midterms, were alright, though apparently that was a false sense of accomplishment as I have received a 72 on one, and an 82 on another. I still have not received my grade for my Soc midterm. Hopefully it’s better than the other two.

The past few days I’ve been battling a cold. Weirdest cold I’ve ever had. I don’t even know how to explain it. Needless to say I’ve laid low trying to rest up and get over it as quickly as possible. I’m debating over whether or not I want to brave the cold and rain to drive to Teeter and buy some more OJ. I also want to try and get some tea.

My problem is I don’t like tea. I want to, but I can’t stand it. I like Nestea, but that’s laden with so much sugar and lemon, etc that it’s neither healthy, nor even really tea. BUT, I can’t try and relax with coffee due to the amount of caffeine it has, and my cider mix has a bunch of calories, so not good to drink one of those after the other and so on. I’ve bought oolong tea as it was supposed to help you lose weight (highly recommended by Oprah and you know Oprah wouldn’t lie), but I have to add so much to it to like it. I also have this flowering tea, which is flowers sewn to tea, and when you steep it, or pour hot water in I suppose, it blooms. It was neat to watch, but I had a friend try the actual tea, and she was not particularly impressed. Anyone else out there who doesn’t like tea? I’m curious since pretty much every person I know likes tea, but me.

In terms of my job search, nothing. My grandmother had me send my resumé to her neice (my 1st cousin once removed) and her husband. Chris (1.c.o.r) then asked for a .PDF version of the resumé. She hadn’t found anything, but now Marty (her husband) says he can look into helping me get into the call center at CapitalOne (where he works). [Well great, just found out Capital One actually spells it as 2 words. My aunt used to work for them before being laid off, and I’ve always spelled it as one word. Go me.] Not sure how I feel about dealing with irate people over the phone, but can’t be too choosy.

Alright, I’m going to brave the elements and go to Teeter.

Update 4/4/2009: Forgot to mention that I finally got my third exam back, and I got a 100%!!! To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. Though I wonder if the prof was a little easy on the grading, as I did not leave the exam feeling that confident. But whatev, it was nice to get a nice grade for once. Here’s hoping I can keep the grade high, and improve the grades in the other 2 classes.


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