Dear conservative ass-wipes in my class,

Please, if you have something to share, please do. Mumbling under your breath is distracting me from hearing our other classmates raise valid points in response to weak arguments for and against inherent presidential authority to detain enemy combatants. Especially you, Mr. Huge Football-looking player with the voice you cannot whisper successfully with: you have yet to raise any points/responses to the class, and you obviously have something to share since you keep mumbling. Please share, so the rest of us can have the luxury of pointing out to you the narrow and unyielding perception you have of war, the Constitution, the Presidency, and the judicial system. Your obvious dislike for the girl who knows much more about laws, precedents, etc than everyone in the class is exceedingly obvious – and it is also apparent it is only because she has a more liberal/moderate view of the American legal system. You obviously mumble because your arguments are inherently flawed and you are unable come up with any logical agreement in response to said girl’s valid points.

FUCK OFF! You are pissing me off!

Not even no love, straight up hate.

kthanxbye, ass-wipes.

Alright, so we had a moot court today, to try and hash out the various things were are arguing for and against in our papers due Sunday. Football-looking ass wipe kept mumbling, and it was aggravating because he was getting riled up and yet not providing anything of substance to try and discount the girl that he has always seemed to disagree with. If you have a good argument, you have a good argument. Share it. Mumbling is just distracting, and I need to not be distracted as this paper freaks me out enough as it is. Though, on that note, I believe that I need to actually start writing, and then I think I will get further with my paper. Simply researching previous court decisions is stressing me out and honestly not getting me very far since my argument hasn’t solidified itself yet – so it’s rather haphazard at the moment.

Anyway, I should go read for my class tomorrow. Then I can worry about my paper for the rest of the week.


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