So true…

“When white men assault women, it is far less threatening to attribute their behavior to moral failings, or individual demons like bad childhood experiences or alcoholism. As a result, white men’s violence tends to be examined on a case-by-case basis. Or as the anti-racist educator Time Wise writes, ‘When Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer go out and do their thing, no one thinks to ask what it is about white folks that makes them cut babies out of their mothers’ wombs, torture young men and bury them under the house, kill 2 dozen or more women for the hell of it, or consume human flesh…You say 90 % of modern serial killers have been white? Well isn’t that puzzling. Next question.‘ By contrast, when African American or Latino men assault women, many white people feel free to make sweeping judgments about their entire racial or ethnic group. The sinister influences of ‘race’ and ‘culture’ are only invoked when the perps are men of color.” – The Macho Paradox – Jackson Katz (p. 134)

I just read that paragraph and it made me go “Hmm…” Even though I consider myself progressive and liberal, all about equality (gender, racial, etc), I know that me and my friends are guilty of this. I know it’s wrong. But put this way makes me realize even more how stupid it is to make sweeping generalizations about an entire race of people when all other races are equally guilty of horrendous actions. And while all races are guilty, it is by no means the majority. A few become a stereotype for a whole.

I do not hate black people. But I hate thug culture. Does that still make me prejudiced/racist? I am sure some will think that I am, but how I see it: I am placing my dislike on the thing that which is the culprit of the negative feelings. Black, Latino, Asian, White persons all participate in thug culture. It is a socially constructed culture/entity. And the typical stereotypes placed on Africans and African-Americans are those characteristics representative of thug culture.

Hmm, this post was not supposed to really turn into this mini-diatribe about my personal views on race. Especially since the book is more concerned about gender relations and constructions, patriarchy, etc. But oh well.


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