“The Looming Tower”

Hey all, 

Just a quick little post. I did say I was going to make sure I heavily covered books on this blog (and I haven’t really, yet) so just wanted to post that I finished The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright. Here is its description and reviews on Amazon . I highly recommend the book, it was very good. Below is my review – don’t judge me too much, I know I know I’m not good at writing reviews. Maybe I can work on crafting better book reviews this summer as I am jobless :-\ 

❤ jh


The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright

“I just finished this book for class and I must say it is an excellent read. I have never been terribly interested in studying the Middle East or learning more about those responsible for 9/11, but Lawrence made the subject interested and I couldn’t put the book down. Even though I remember the exact moment I watched the Twin Towers fall, it never truly effected me consciously. The last few chapters of Wright’s book made me want to cry with frustration and anger. This book definitely makes you question and despise the CIA for blocking all efforts to try and prevent 9/11. That is one thing I could critique about the book – it is very bent against the CIA, ad while it can be said that they really were responsible for a lot of important information not going where it needed to be, it’s sure to infuriate those who potentially see more subjectivity than objectivity. 
In any event, I recommend that everyone should read this book – it’s eye-opening.Quote-right


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