Hey all, just a quick little update since I have been on a roll. Only read one chapter of my prof’s book (it was soooo boring!) and decided that I have just read too much the last two days and needed a break. So tried to catch up on the thousands of blog posts that I have neglected … I did not get very far, haha. Oh well. Was really intrigued by this list of Moleskine tips and tricks, etc. I really do love Moleskine and I am an incredibly large nerd when it comes to reading into different ways to increase productivity, paper, pens, office supplies, and on and on. I currently have 3+ Moleskines myself – address book, 18 monthly/weekly planner, and standard sized (medium?) journal. [The added + above is because I also bought a 3-pack of these itty-bitty thin, and paper-covered, Moleskine books. Moleskine name, but small and paper cover. Not true Moleskine, IMO, but I thought they might have been useful at the time.] 

Anywho, while I would hate to part with any of them, it would be lovely to be able to have them more integrated, rather than 3 separate books. So when I have more time (ie: rest of my life as I am jobless) I will go look through all the ideas people have used to “hack” their Moleskines. I particularly liked the idea behind this multiple-necessities-integration, and i liked the neatness and togetherness of AK’s “diary.” Interesting, one of the many things for me to consider and tinker with while I wait for a job. 

Added bonus: links to flickr pages/groups displaying Moleskine artwork – love it! Here are some more: one and two. (Not sure, two of the links might be to the same group..? Too tired to worry about it!) 

Alrighty then. This post ended up being a lot more involved than I had originally planned. Oh well, more interesting perhaps? Leave comments you other Moleskine fans or organization aficionados! [ sounds better than obsessive or freaks 😉 ]



2 responses to this post.

  1. Best wishes on your hacks. I added folders to Moleskine Cahier, so I can change out 3×5 index cards and not worry about anything being fixed.

  2. Posted by melancholycat on May 13, 2009 at 22:57

    Thanks for your comment – your hack is very neat, I like the idea of adding additional folders to my moleskine.

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