2 Book Updates

Hey everyone, slacked a little in updating about my book progress. Since the last review I posted I have read and reviewed 2 more books, both I received for free through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers Program.

First was The Glassblower of Murano by Marina Fiorato. Here is Amazon’s description: “Venice, 1681. Glassblowing is the lifeblood of the Republic, and Venetian mirrors are more precious than gold. Jealously guarded by the murderous Council of Ten, the glassblowers of Murano are virtually imprisoned on their island in the lagoon. But the greatest of the artists, Corradino Manin, sells his methods and his soul to the Sun King, Louis XIV of France, to protect his secret daughter. In the present day his descendant, Leonora Manin, leaves an unhappy life in London to begin a new one as a glassblower in Venice. As she finds new life and love in her adoptive city, her fate becomes inextricably linked with that of her ancestor and the treacherous secrets of his life begin to come to light.”

And my review: “Recovering from a divorce, Leonora Manin flees England for Venice, land of her heritage, for a new start as the first female glassblower of Murano, following in the footsteps of her famous forebear Corradino Manin. There she seeks to rebuild her life and discover more about her ancestor. After an accusation that Corradino was really a traitor, Leonora’s world is turned upside down, losing all that she had gained in her rebuilding. The novel follows both Leonora in the present-day and Corradino during his last days. 
I found the novel to be excellent; a relaxing, well-flowing read that was definitely a page-turner. I thought the first chapter or two to be a little awkward, but I think that may have been a product of exam stress and exhaustion. Definitely recommend!”

Second, which I just finished today, well yesterday considering the time, was Gray Apocalypse by James Murdoch. Amazon description: “In this tale of human survival and personal redemption, an alien species is positioning an enormous asteroid to strike planet Earth, eradicate the human race, and replace mankind with millions of hybrid alien creations. A flawed but determined hero, Michael Kendon, steps out of the ranks of humanity to confront the alien Goliath. A renegade assassin and sole survivor of a crushed resistance movement, he seeks to locate a powerful weapon designed to deflect the asteroid. Using his extraordinary mental capabilities and natural psychic gifts, he manages to keep himself alive and bedevil the breeders and their human surrogates. The powerful fuel of his humanity ultimately enables him to prevail.”

My review: “This book was alright. It was cheesy and predictable – man seeking redemption by saving the world, in love with the beautiful daughter of the man he killed (who was a wealthy genius, creating the weapon that could potentially save the world), typical aliens (as evident from the book jacket) trying to take over the world, and evil pseudo-government underground organization in league with the aliens to destroy the planet. There were interesting elements, but Murdoch fails to go beyond the established and ultimately undercuts the novel by making things so easy for the protagonist. I mean I like happy endings and things working out, but really? he can heal with his hands, and control things with his mind? Really? The novel was an easy read, decent page-turner, but definitely not for hardcore literary enthusiasts.”

I started The Secret of Lost Things by Sheridan Hay after I finished Gray Apocalypse. I am enjoying it already, it should not take too long to finish 🙂 

Night all ❤


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