Book Update

Hello all, 2 posts tonight. The first shall be my reviews for the last two books I have read: The Secret of Lost Things by Sheridan Hay and The Snow Garden by Christopher Rice. 

The Secret of Lost Things description on Barnes& “Eighteen years old and completely alone, Rosemary arrives in New York from Tasmania with little other than her love of books and an eagerness to explore the city. Taking a job at a vast, chaotic emporium of used and rare books called the Arcade, she knows she has found a home. But when Rosemary reads a letter from someone seeking to “place” a lost manuscript by Herman Melville, the bookstore erupts with simmering ambitions and rivalries. Including actual correspondence by Melville, The Secret of Lost Things is at once a literary adventure and evocative portrait of a young woman making a life for herself in the city.”

The Secret of Lost Things I found a little hard to review to be perfectly honest. This may be because I finished it almost a week ago, but also as I was contemplating my review, I realized that my feelings were a little mixed on it as well. The language, though lovely, was advanced given the protagonist. The characters, while interesting, are never fully developed. The plot, though present, never really goes anywhere. (I am seeing that I should have spent a little longer on this review, as my preface here is completely opposite of the review I wrote). I did enjoy reading the book, and did not find it difficult to get through as other reviews I have read have mentioned. Hay attempted too much in one novel, though, and by doing so, was unable to accomplish and develop all that she set out to. I believe this was her first novel, so a great start, and hopefully she will continue to write as I think that she has great promise. 

My review: “I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Hay’s language is beautiful, though like others said, it is pretty advanced and a dictionary is definitely handy to have next to you. While I found her writing style lovely, I did find it incongruous for an 18-20 year old protagonist to speak in such a manner. Now that I think of it, my rating for this novel may simply be because of the language. It was interesting, and I couldn’t stop reading, but as others have mentioned the plot sort of ambled along without achieving or revealing any coherent point. I recommend the novel, but I think it is definitely one of those books that people will either like or dislike with little middle ground.” (See what  I mean…I really should write my reviews immediately once I finish). 


Now, The Snow Garden by Christopher Rice, son of Anne Rice. Synopsis on

In the darkening chill of winter, three Atherton University freshmen are being mysteriously drawn together by fate, and a compulsion they cannot comprehend. Though they come from vastly differing backgrounds, the college holds the promise of a better life for each of them — and an opportunity to break away from the anguish and desolation of their former lives.

But the past does not die so easily, and the intricate webs of deceit that they have spun to protect themselves are slowly twisted into shackles that chain them to their doom. Snowbound and trapped on the campus, the friends find themselves unwilling pawns in the machinations of a malevolent force that has taken hold of Atherton — and all their oldest fears, veiled passions, and secret nightmares are about to come to life in…The Snow Garden.


My review: This book was definitely a page-turner, completely hooked throughout. I did find it a bit confusing in parts since Rice through in so many twists. The ending was both unexpected and a little rushed in my opinion. Honestly the best way to describe the last hundred pages or so would be as a roller coaster – a lot happens really quickly and then it’s over and you’re left shaking your head wishing that there had been just a little more; such as, what happened to Mitchell, Dr. Eberman, and the undercover detective? Overall a good book, though.


(Not sure why my font changed and refused to change back….I wish copy and paste did what I wanted, haha). 


Alright, those are my latest reviews. I just started The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – a little lost in the first few pages, but I’m sure it will make more sense soon. 


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