Alright, now for my second post. This is just an update on life as the past 2-3 weeks have been really busy and as usual I haven’t updated as frequently as I should (not to mention I haven’t written in my personal journal in (like) forever!) 

First I was worried about graduating as I felt I had done miserably on my final exam in my IR of the Middle East class. Being one of my majors course, I could not get below a C in the class, otherwise it would not count. But by the grace of the powers that be (and/or very lenient grading) I did well and ended the semester with 3 solid B’s! This leads me up to May 17th, the day of graduation. An incredibly long day. The girls had come up the day before, and we stayed up until 2-3 in the morning, missing the fact that we needed to be up by 6. We were out of my room a little after 8 and the girls were able to get pretty good standing spots for the ceremony. Mom, Dad and Jason had the 3 sitting Lawn tickets. And GrandDad along with Mimi and Poppop set up at the satellite viewing site in Newcomb. It took us about an hour to all march onto the Lawn and sit down. While it didn’t pour, it was an off-and-on sprinkle/drizzle so the ground was muddy (and stinky!) The speeches were boring, as was expected. Justice J. Harvey Wilkinson III was our speaker – I was not impressed at all with his speech. Not only did he end up being a divisive figure for the student body due to his staunchly conservative rulings, he was only a former Law student, and the undergrad graduates were by far the largest group graduating, so we would have preferred someone who had actually been through the College. The rest of my family didn’t mind his speech too much, but they also didn’t have to sit next to, and in front of, drunk degree candidates. One girl kept kicking me….it was about to be WWIII. Immediately following the ceremony was my diploma ceremony with the Politics department, also pretty long, and I also got to sit next to a drunk….but they tried to make it quick, which was nice given that the Politics Department is apparently the biggest, we had around 400 students receiving their degrees that day. I now have a huge diploma, still rolled up and making its way around my room until I can purchase my diploma frame (waiting on the Alumni Association to give me a discount code for the online Bookstore). How does it feel to be graduated? No different than before. Slightly more terrifying given my lack of job. 

After graduation dinner at outback, me and the fam packed all of my stuff (and I have a lot) and me and my dad drove home that night. Great fun – not. Moving onto May 22 – the day of Erin and Andy’s wedding. Another long day as Kim, Erin and I only got 4 hours of sleep. Horrible idea. Kim had also taken a sleeping pill, and given that she did not sleep the appropriate amount, she puked on and off the rest of the day. Thanks to Erin’s good planning, the wedding went on without a hitch (almost hitch when Hair Cuttery informed her that she was not on their list of appointments). Erin was beautiful, hopefully you should see the picture I uploaded….After the wedding, we went to the Melting Pot for the reception. Great meal, provided with champagne and wine. Excellent. 

So that’s pretty much all that has been up with me. Time to actually start looking for jobs again

on the steps of the Rotunda

on the steps of the Rotunda


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