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Can’t wait for the weekend to begin, begin, begin….

‘Ello all!

Quick little update. I received a call for an interview last Friday with the job my friend Jenny pointed me to. I had the interview on Tuesday. I think it went well, but you never can tell. I am supposed to receive word one way or another next week. It only pays $9-something an hour, and only 20 hours a week, BUT, it is a job in the career field that I am pursuing. If I catch on quickly and make myself an indispensable employee, hopefully I can at least find a way to work more hours. I feel it is safe to say that the academic library in DC is no longer interested in me. 😦 Tomorrow begins August, I really am going to start going crazy if I don’t get a job soon! (Not to mention I need some money so I can get a gym membership, I swear I am gaining a pound every day!)

I finished another book: Death du Jour by Lou Jane Temple. I decided to skip a review this time out of laziness, but I included a link to it on Amazon. I thought it was a good book, an enjoyable summer read. The end definitely caught me by surprise. Check it out! I have now moved on to rereading Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series. I started reading them about 2 years ago and made it through the first 5 books of the 9-book series before school and my To Be Read pile got in the way. I absolutely love the series! And lately I have been watching True Blood, the HBO series based on the novels, with my friends, so I decided it was high time to refreshen my memory of what I had already read, and also finish the series in general. My little vampire book obsession has become more pronounced now that I know more people who seem to like that genre. I feel less freakish now πŸ™‚

So, there won’t be any book reviews for awhile. Given that the Sookie Stackhouse series is 9 books long, I am just too lazy to review them all. But you all should definitely read the series, especially if you, too, enjoy the vampire/fantasy/horror genre. Little romance thrown in and tons of supernatural goodness. I may give little blurbs on the 4 books I have not read when I get to them, but that remains to be seen. But I’ll still be around, no worries!



So hungry

Hello all! I am sooooo hungry, and it feels like I am always hungry, which is annoying. But the point of this post is because I finished The Dead Fathers Club by Matt Haig. I gave the book a 3 as an alright book to read, review following:

The Dead Fathers Club is a modern-day adaptation of Hamlet. Phillip Noble, the 11-year old narrator, has just lost his father to a car accident, and now sees him as a ghost. His father accuses Phillip’s Uncle Alan for murdering him and trying to now control Phillip and his mother. His father tells Phillip that the only way he can rest in peace is if Phillip gets revenge for his father. Thus begins Phillip’s journey to discover the truth about his uncle and attempt to get revenge for his father before his uncle kills him and/or his mother.

The book is written as if it was by an 11-year old with poor punctuation, repeated run-on sentences, and observations of an adult world through the eyes of one so young. While that style is not my favorite, Haig did a decent job. The book itself leaves you guessing until the end, and beyond, since there is little resolution. While written as though it was by an 11-year old, I would say the novel is more suited for 13-14 year olds given language and some sexuality that parents of children 10 and under may not approve of. My rating for the book stems from the book just not being my cup of tea in terms of style as well as the very open ending. Overall I’d recommend it as a bit of light summer reading.

Next on my list is Death du Jour by Lou Jane Temple. After this, I think I’m going to work on some of my vampire series since I can read them pretty quickly and try and reduce my gargantuous to be read pile. Unfortunately I also have a few years’ worth of magazines to read as well, granted it seems silly for any of the ones over a year old, but I have to try.

Otherwise, not much going on in my Β life. No news on the job front. Occupying my time with watching NCIS and the new SyFy show Warehouse 13. Mildly cheesy, but Eddie McClintock is incredibly attractive, and does not even look close to his age of 42. Major crush, haha. Oh! I also finally listed books on my BookMooch account; 3 of my books have already been requested and I have requested 1 in turn myself. πŸ™‚ And today in the mail I received a catalog for Daedalus Books, a bargain-priced book company. Don’t know how I managed to get on the list, but I do like their prices. I am just going to look and find books to add to my wishlist, though, I really really really should not buy any more books until I have considerably reduced my To Be Read pile. And last bit of news is I finally got a Google Voice account

That’s all for now, ❀

Can’t read my Poker Face…

Hey everybody!

Just finished another book so it is time for a review! But first, a quick update on what is going on in my life. Last Friday I had a phone interview for the library job I really want at an academic library in the DC area. I think it went well, but it was only for around 10-15 minutes. Phone interviews, though nerve-wracking for me, never seem to amount to much. They seem to be a checkup to make sure you seem congruous with the resume and cover letter the employer has. Now I get to wait a few weeks to see if I get a request for an in-person interview. Also nerve-wracking since they are only going to contact me if they want me for the 2nd interview. No idea how long to wait before I give up hope.

But in better news, my friend Jenny found a local listing for the public library system she works in and she pointed it my way. She had me include her as a reference and contacted the potential supervisor to keep an eye out for my name, so even if the academic library position falls through, I have another chance at getting my toe in professional library experience. Plus it would be awesome to occasionally be able to work with one of my best friends!

Alright, now it is time for my book review. The book is The Deadly Space Between by Patricia Duncker. My review:

Tobias Hawk is an 18-year old boy living in Britain. An intentional loner, he grows up surrounded by women: his mother, an artist only 15 years his senior; his Great-Aunt Luce, a well-off (rising?) fashion designer, strong-willed and loud; and Luce’s girlfriend/partner, Liberty. Enters the large, mysterious, and foreign yet, non-accented Roehm, the much older man who becomes Iso’s (Toby’s mother) lover and plays with both mother and son. The back cover describes the novel as: “an eerie psychological ghost story with echoes of Faust, Freud, and Frankenstein…a disturbing tale of Oedipal passions – a rich and dark exploration of sexual ambiguity and longing.” Eerie, disturbing, Oedipal, and ambiguity are excellent words to describe this novel. One is not quite sure where the book is going to end up and the Oedipal element ended up being a bit much for me (you will understand what I mean should you read the book). While Patricia Duncker is a master with the English language, the book ultimately leaves me with more questions than answers, which to some may be enjoyable, but something I personally dislike. The novel’s conclusion is wrapped up in 10 pages, almost as if Duncker got tired of writing and wrote a hasty conclusion, thus why the novel leaves more questions than answers. The book’s hasty ending, the mass of questions unanswered, and the general feeling of uncomfortableness I felt while reading it are the reasons I gave the book only 2 stars and the reasons that cause me to caution anyone before they decide to read it.

Definitely an “interesting” read. Took me over 2 weeks to read as I could only manage a chapter at a time. But now I am done with it and can pick another book out of my To Be Read mountain πŸ™‚ Likely candidate is The Dead Fathers Club by Matt Haig.

Time for bed. ❀


Hey all,

This is more a post to just work through some of my thoughts. The other day I applied to 29 positions, throughout the state and DC, with a particular, well-known bank as a teller. Today, I received calls from 2 different recruiters for two different jobs within the company. The first offered a part-time position in central to northern VA. The recruiter had noticed my many applications and asked if I was looking more for full-time and I said that I was, but was willing to be flexible as a worst-case scenario. She told me she would call back. A few hours later, another recruiter called about a full-time position in northern VA. BUT, she asked if I had heard from any other recruiters that day, and I said I had. She then informs me that we can no longer talk about this new position as the company states that a candidate is only eligible to start the hiring process in regards to one position at a time. Which I understand, to a degree. They do not want me to end up committing myself to 2 jobs, essentially. In any event, I told the 2nd recruiter that the 1st had not been very specific, had yet to call me back, and that I would much rather prefer the position that she was contacting me for. No dice. She said that she could not do that, but to call her by Friday and let her know if the 1st called and what not. Leaving me utterly confused.

A little later, I received a call from recruiter 1, setting me up for a phone interview later today, and I am still kicking myself for not asking her to clarify the situation for me. I’m going to have to get the cojones and ask the interviewer later.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do? I am afraid to tell the 1st that I am no longer interested in her position and instead want to go with another. I don’t want to mess up any possible job opportunity, but in all reality, I cannot move up to Northern VA for a part-time teller position. I would not be able to afford an apartment on $10.82/hr for 24 hours a week. *sigh* And really, I want to get a position with a library, not a bank. The bank idea was more ideal if I got one close to home.

Probably should call my parents in the morning, but their job advice has not been terribly beneficial as of late. 😦