Hey all,

This is more a post to just work through some of my thoughts. The other day I applied to 29 positions, throughout the state and DC, with a particular, well-known bank as a teller. Today, I received calls from 2 different recruiters for two different jobs within the company. The first offered a part-time position in central to northern VA. The recruiter had noticed my many applications and asked if I was looking more for full-time and I said that I was, but was willing to be flexible as a worst-case scenario. She told me she would call back. A few hours later, another recruiter called about a full-time position in northern VA. BUT, she asked if I had heard from any other recruiters that day, and I said I had. She then informs me that we can no longer talk about this new position as the company states that a candidate is only eligible to start the hiring process in regards to one position at a time. Which I understand, to a degree. They do not want me to end up committing myself to 2 jobs, essentially. In any event, I told the 2nd recruiter that the 1st had not been very specific, had yet to call me back, and that I would much rather prefer the position that she was contacting me for. No dice. She said that she could not do that, but to call her by Friday and let her know if the 1st called and what not. Leaving me utterly confused.

A little later, I received a call from recruiter 1, setting me up for a phone interview later today, and I am still kicking myself for not asking her to clarify the situation for me. I’m going to have to get the cojones and ask the interviewer later.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do? I am afraid to tell the 1st that I am no longer interested in her position and instead want to go with another. I don’t want to mess up any possible job opportunity, but in all reality, I cannot move up to Northern VA for a part-time teller position. I would not be able to afford an apartment on $10.82/hr for 24 hours a week. *sigh* And really, I want to get a position with a library, not a bank. The bank idea was more ideal if I got one close to home.

Probably should call my parents in the morning, but their job advice has not been terribly beneficial as of late. 😦


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  1. F R U S T R A T I N G…… I know. But just take a step back and look over the landscape of a high unemployment war zone. Realize it’s crazy and confusing for sooo many, not just you. And don’t take it personally. There, that said… Remember you only need 1 job. Just 1. Whereas recruiters have to make many placements a month to survive. Hence they are much more hard-nosed than you, and their practices may seem irrational, and they might be. (This all coming from a former recruiter) Here’s a little bit of advice. Don’t expect to always get a straight answer from a recruiter. It’s not that they are trying to be difficult, it’s just that they are tossed in so many different directions from their clients and candidates alike that they consider candidates as nothing more than a commodity.

    So, here’s what I recommend. Tell recruiters what they want to hear. Tell recruiters that you wouldn’t think of committing to more than 1 position at a time. Don’t be disingenuious, I’m not saying that. But if a recruiter asks specific questions about your search, be as truthful as you can but don’t get specific. i.e.: “Yes, I’m very active in my search” if they ask you if you are considering other opportunities. “I talk to recruiters all the time, it’s important to me to be as proactive as possible, but I haven’t committed to anything yet.”

    Don’t expect to always get a call-back from recruiters, don’t expect to make friends with them. It’s just the way the game is played, don’t take it personally.

    You are lucky to be getting the action that you are getting. Just settle down and let it happen. Good luck!

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