So hungry

Hello all! I am sooooo hungry, and it feels like I am always hungry, which is annoying. But the point of this post is because I finished The Dead Fathers Club by Matt Haig. I gave the book a 3 as an alright book to read, review following:

The Dead Fathers Club is a modern-day adaptation of Hamlet. Phillip Noble, the 11-year old narrator, has just lost his father to a car accident, and now sees him as a ghost. His father accuses Phillip’s Uncle Alan for murdering him and trying to now control Phillip and his mother. His father tells Phillip that the only way he can rest in peace is if Phillip gets revenge for his father. Thus begins Phillip’s journey to discover the truth about his uncle and attempt to get revenge for his father before his uncle kills him and/or his mother.

The book is written as if it was by an 11-year old with poor punctuation, repeated run-on sentences, and observations of an adult world through the eyes of one so young. While that style is not my favorite, Haig did a decent job. The book itself leaves you guessing until the end, and beyond, since there is little resolution. While written as though it was by an 11-year old, I would say the novel is more suited for 13-14 year olds given language and some sexuality that parents of children 10 and under may not approve of. My rating for the book stems from the book just not being my cup of tea in terms of style as well as the very open ending. Overall I’d recommend it as a bit of light summer reading.

Next on my list is Death du Jour by Lou Jane Temple. After this, I think I’m going to work on some of my vampire series since I can read them pretty quickly and try and reduce my gargantuous to be read pile. Unfortunately I also have a few years’ worth of magazines to read as well, granted it seems silly for any of the ones over a year old, but I have to try.

Otherwise, not much going on in my  life. No news on the job front. Occupying my time with watching NCIS and the new SyFy show Warehouse 13. Mildly cheesy, but Eddie McClintock is incredibly attractive, and does not even look close to his age of 42. Major crush, haha. Oh! I also finally listed books on my BookMooch account; 3 of my books have already been requested and I have requested 1 in turn myself. 🙂 And today in the mail I received a catalog for Daedalus Books, a bargain-priced book company. Don’t know how I managed to get on the list, but I do like their prices. I am just going to look and find books to add to my wishlist, though, I really really really should not buy any more books until I have considerably reduced my To Be Read pile. And last bit of news is I finally got a Google Voice account

That’s all for now, ❤


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