Can’t wait for the weekend to begin, begin, begin….

‘Ello all!

Quick little update. I received a call for an interview last Friday with the job my friend Jenny pointed me to. I had the interview on Tuesday. I think it went well, but you never can tell. I am supposed to receive word one way or another next week. It only pays $9-something an hour, and only 20 hours a week, BUT, it is a job in the career field that I am pursuing. If I catch on quickly and make myself an indispensable employee, hopefully I can at least find a way to work more hours. I feel it is safe to say that the academic library in DC is no longer interested in me. 😦 Tomorrow begins August, I really am going to start going crazy if I don’t get a job soon! (Not to mention I need some money so I can get a gym membership, I swear I am gaining a pound every day!)

I finished another book: Death du Jour by Lou Jane Temple. I decided to skip a review this time out of laziness, but I included a link to it on Amazon. I thought it was a good book, an enjoyable summer read. The end definitely caught me by surprise. Check it out! I have now moved on to rereading Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series. I started reading them about 2 years ago and made it through the first 5 books of the 9-book series before school and my To Be Read pile got in the way. I absolutely love the series! And lately I have been watching True Blood, the HBO series based on the novels, with my friends, so I decided it was high time to refreshen my memory of what I had already read, and also finish the series in general. My little vampire book obsession has become more pronounced now that I know more people who seem to like that genre. I feel less freakish now 🙂

So, there won’t be any book reviews for awhile. Given that the Sookie Stackhouse series is 9 books long, I am just too lazy to review them all. But you all should definitely read the series, especially if you, too, enjoy the vampire/fantasy/horror genre. Little romance thrown in and tons of supernatural goodness. I may give little blurbs on the 4 books I have not read when I get to them, but that remains to be seen. But I’ll still be around, no worries!


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