From Dead to Worse

Hey everyone!

I have finished re-reading the Sookie Stackhouse series 🙂 Books 1-6, and then read books 7 and 8. I averaged a book a day, which I love. They were excellent, review for book 8, From Dead to Worse:

This book was a little all over the place; action-packed, yes, but as others have mentioned, a definite filler novel given how so much is covered in only 300-some pages. I still greatly enjoy the series, though. Charlaine Harris is amazing, and given how she is still trucking out novels, I suppose it is only expected that every now and then a book has to come out that ties up everything a little. I seriously hope Sookie and the Fae are better explained in the next novel!

Once I get a little further through my TBR mountain I will go to the library and pick up the 9th book. It’s only in hardback right now, once it goes paperback I will actually buy it. As it is, I have a few books I picked up from the library already to read. My friend Jenny is interested in studying religions, and now she has gotten to paganism and Wicca. I have always been fascinated in learning about the two, so we both went to the library and picked up a variety of books. Since I was in the middle of the Sookie series, I haven’t gotten around to reading the books I picked up, yet.

Job front: on Tuesday I received a rejection library from the job I interview for the week previously. It was a major let-down as I was so certain that I was going to get it. Needless to say I have been a little “melancholy” to put it mildly and this is the reason I was able to knock out the series so quickly. Starting Monday, I will go back into job search mode again :-\ which I am not looking forward to. On Wednesday, I received a phone call (finally!) from my actual library system, which I applied to well over a month ago. I have an interview set up for Tuesday, which also happens to be my birthday. Hopefully that will give me some good luck; I need it in the worst way imaginable!

That’s life at the moment. Take care 🙂


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