Sellevision and my life

Goodness! I hadn’t realized that over 2 weeks have passed since I last updated. I am going to cheaply blame the fact on how long it took me to read Sellevision by Augusten Burroughs. While he’s one of my favorite authors, I just could not get into his novel. Kind of like when I read The Deadly Space Between. Sellevision review:

As much as I love Augusten Burroughs, I did not like Sellevision at all. It was very obvious this was his first book as the plot jumped all over the place as if he had a lot of ideas, but couldn’t decide on how to blend them together. My biggest problem, though, was the characters; I didn’t care about them. I couldn’t empathize with them, could care less that their lives sucked, etc. Another one of those books that took me forever to read because I didn’t enjoy it enough to not put it down, and avoided it because I wasn’t enjoying it.

Unfortunately my TBR pile hasn’t gotten any smaller as I seem to keep getting books. Sellevision and two other books I borrowed from my friend Jenny, and then there are another few books that I have gotten through BookMooch. Oh well, one day I will get through them all.

In other news, I finally got a job! I am a part-time Library Assistant with Blackwater Regional Library, 17 hours a week (2 days at one branch, 1 day at another, + any subbing I can get). While the hours and pay aren’t great, it’s a job. A job I so sorely needed. I started back on August 24th, so I have been working about 3 weeks. I am actually enjoying it, the staff at my main branch are incredibly friendly and willing to help me out. The other branch is nice, too, though not as outwardly friendly. I just function better when I work – it gives me something to occupy my time, it makes me productive. But I definitely am enjoying library work. I feel like I have mastered all of the basics of the system, which is good. Now I need to start working on taking more responsibility and learning the more obscure stuff. I really want to have side projects for those times when the library is slow. We’ll have to see. Though, the library is not helping my obsession with books, haha. There are so many books I see that I want to check out and the other day my co-worker, Faye, had me delete older magazines out of the system, and anything deleted from the system is up for grabs. So I took some Saveur and Taste of Home mags as I have recently gotten really interested in cooking. Granted I still don’t cook all that often for my family, but….I’ll get there, eventually. I’ve just been copying recipes for the future day when I finally move out and I need to be able to feed myself to survive. So, yet another reason I will never have a nearly empty TBR pile.

Other job news: 2 weeks ago I had back-to-back interviews with 2 different branches in the Chesapeake Library System. Better pay and more hours. But at both interviews I said was unavailable M-W since I’ll be working with Blackwater. The first panel of interviewers did not seem impressed with that, so I am doubtful I will get a job offer from them. The second branch, however, did not outwardly make any sign whether they minded my availability. The second branch is also the one I’d prefer to have, it’s a newer and nicer library, and the hours are less. The first was 36 hours, while the second is 20. Working 36 with the 17 I have already would be pretty killer to me having any kind of social life. So, we’ll see. Unfortunately I won’t hear back for at least a month, as the interview panels made their recommendations to Chesapeake Human Resources and HR then makes the final decision. And apparently HR is notoriously slow.

Alright, I think that is all for now. I need to eat some breakfast/lunch since I’m starving!


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