2009 book progress

Ay yo, ay yo 🙂

Was just looking at the progress I’ve made so far this year with reading and comparing it to last year. I talked about 2008 reading back in January <– take a look there for refresher, if you so desire. So, 2008 I came up with a total of 36 books I had read, plus (maybe) a handful of others that I had forgotten to record. This year I have read 35, thus far. At first, I got upset with that number wondering how I was going to get through an additional 15 books by the end of the year? (My goal was to read 50 new books this year.) But that was beyond ridiculous for 2 reasons: 1) It’s September, and I am only 1 book away from beating last year’s record; I did the math and I have completed 70% of my goal. I am definitely going to beat last year. And 2) I realized that even if I haven’t read 50 new books yet, I have read 48 books in general so far this year: 35 new, 13 re-read. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Alright, that’s all for now. I am going to go read a chapter or two of my current novel, The Savage Garden by Mark Mills, and then hit the hay with some help from Tylenol PM due to a strange headache and problems I have been having with my neck.

Bonne nuit!


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