What have you done for your planet today?

More posts today than I usually do, but I’ve spent the past hour or so looking through blogs and I’m stumbling upon stuff I find interesting – book blogs, literacy, reading, environmentalism, cool websites, etc.

mainimageLike my above image. http://www.ecolibris.net is a really neat idea. Their effort is to try and balance out the amount of trees cut down to create books by planting a tree for every book you read. Their vision:

Books are everywhere, just look around: on bookshelves at home, in college students’ backpacks, in the mail from the book club or in that pile in your room right now. For some people they’re for education, for others they’re an entertaining escapade and for some, reading is really a passion. Eco-Libris is for everyone. It is a green business that enables people to do something reasonable, affordable yet with an impact: plant one tree for every book they read. We believe that taking responsibility for the environmental costs of the books we read is only natural.

Basically summed up: 1 book = $1 = 1 tree planted. (Though, the more books you try to balance out at a time, say 100, drive the ratio down a bit, ie: becomes less than $1 per book.) Nifty idea, like I said before. Though I do see a lot of people being turned off by having to pay anything, we as Americans despise paying money to improve the life of other humans, or animals, or even the planet, but I digress … And being a poor, living-at-home, part-time library assistant, I don’t really have the funds at the moment to try and balance out all of the books I have purchased and/or read. HOWEVER, check it out! Those of you with bigger purse strings than the likes of me should take a look and try and give back to our environment. Plus for every book you balance out, you get a sticker! Who doesn’t love a fun, environmental sticker? 😉


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