Friday Firsts: The Savage Garden

Saw this on Ooh…Books! and thought I’d participate 🙂 Although I realize it is now Saturday, and not Friday, but oh well. Oh, and the meme started with Well-Read Reviews (gotta give credit where it’s due!)

Friday Firsts:

The first line can make or break a reader’s interest. Just how well did the author pull you in to the story with their first sentence? To participate in this weekly book meme is extremely easy.

Grab the book you are currently reading and open to the first page.

Write down the first sentence in the first paragraph.

Did this first sentence help draw you into the story? Why or why not?

Create a blog post with this information. (Make sure to include the title & author of the book you are using. Even an ISBN helps!)

Come back to this post on Well-Read and add your review to Mr. Linky! (Or just click image above!)

The Book: The Savage Garden  0399153535.01._SX140_SY225_SCLZZZZZZZ_

Author: Mark Mills

ISBN: 978-0-399-15353-2

First Sentence:

Later, when it was over, he cast his thoughts back to that sunstruck May day in Cambridge — where it had all begun — and asked himself whether he would have done anything differently, knowing what he now did.

I felt that this was a fairly common opening line, where the narrator focuses on the protagonist in the supposed “present” time and then looks back for a moment of reflection. It’s an opening line that entices you to a degree as you want to find out what occurred to cause such reflection, but then not as enticing, since you as an assumed prolific reader have encountered such an opening line before. (Did I just make that sentence needlessly complicated?) Oh well. I am about 1/3 of the way through the novel; seems fairly good so far. I’ll write a review on here once I’m finished with it (hopefully!)


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