Dead and Gone 

Hope everyone is doing well on this lovely October Sunday. I am being comfortably lazy while my family is at the Fall Festival in Newport News (I went yesterday, so no need to go today). Finished up Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris, and unfortunately, was not terribly impressed. Review:

I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed with this book. First, not much happens in the first 2/3 of the book, 2 deaths and that’s about it. A lot was stuffed into the last third, and it was pretty intense. So many people die, and the introduction of the faeries into the series is over – what was the point? I would love for them to stay in the story, but Harris has sealed them off which I find highly disappointing. I agree with others that the novel was a tad rushed. Harris usually explains developments a lot more than she did here, but now everything seems to be a blip and “oh well”. Also Sookie is not as strong of a character anymore; she’s confused, she dwells too much, in all honesty she’s becoming more like the Sookie portrayed by Anna Paquin in True Blood, which is not a good thing, at all. I really hope Harris does a lot better with the next book, I love this series too much for it to just fizzle out into the ranks of other mediocre fantasy/vampire literature.

Never thought I’d say something that critical of a book from this series. I’ll concede to Harris, though, the Sookie Stackhouse series is not the only thing she writes, and a mediocre book pops out from time-to-time. Just a warning though: Do not disappoint me with the next book Charlaine, I will be most displeased!


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