So wow, I am incredibly ashamed of how long I have put off updating this. I got really caught up with work and had less and less time to keep up with my reading, both book blogs and books themselves. I did my final update for my 2009 reading list, though, a total of 47 books for the year. I think I was trying for 50, but 47 isn’t too shabby, especially since I read only 3 books in the last 2 months of the year.

Life has been plodding along, not terribly exciting, but definitely not the worst it could be. I am working 5 days a week now with my local library branches. I am constantly doing extra projects so I’m a tad exhausted. Like: shelf-reading, inventory, weeding, and deleting the entire reference section OR shelf-reading, weeding, and deleting the WHOLE library. (Remember I work at 2 branches for my local system) I have created a few displays and occasionally have to deal with fun reports like “patrons with $25+ account balance” or “CDs eligible for rotation”. While I am still currently working on all of those projects, I have come up with a new one to occupy myself and give me a break from shelf-reading. I had a patron last week come in and ask me for suggestions for her tween son who hasn’t enjoyed fiction until Harry Potter. I was able to come up with a few but I sounded rather clueless and I was not able to say much more than “they circulate often”. So, I am trying to get better at reader’s advisory. I am starting with Juvenile and Young Adult mainly due to the recent encounter. Eventually I will try and get into adult fiction advisory as well. A leading figure in teen, and boys especially, reader’s advisory, Michael Sullivan’sĀ blog has been some help in determining popular series. I also got ideas from the Young Adult division of the American Library Association. I think reader’s advisory would be a lot easier if I had some role in collection development, but unfortunately that is the domain of the branch managers in my system.

In other news, I was also caught up with studying for the dreaded GRE because I became serious about applying for graduate school. I ended up with a 1010, 540 Verbal 470 Math. Not great, and I just realized that while I needed 1000, the school was pushing for at least 500 in both. Oy. Not promising in the least. I am applying the University of Maryland-College Park; one of the closer schools that has a MLS, and plus it is outside of DC which is where I want to be anyway. I hope I get in, I’ve already spent $240 just to be considered with the application fee, the GRE fee, and the fee for college transcript being sent in. Ridiculous I tell you. I am still finishing up on my application, all that remains is my 500 word essay that answers a few questions. I have it written minus a conclusion, but then I read some grad school essay tips and freaked out thinking that my essay was too general or boring. A friend of mine is looking it over, but I will probably feel tense until I receive my acceptance or rejection letter =/

Hopefully I will be able to update a little better than every 2 months now. But no guarantees.


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