I know, I know…

So, yeah. I have not been updating, still. Mea culpa to the one or two people who were actually reading this. I have been caught up in my job with the library, and now my 3rd job has picked back up (it’s seasonal). It is incredibly draining to be working all of the time. At least with my night chaperone job (the one that’s picking up) I get to just read for 5-7 hours and get paid for it. Finally! I may be able to catch up on all of the books I have piling up that are in need of being read. Another reason for my absence is my purchase last month of an Xbox 360 as well as receiving a gift subscription to Netflix. With all that’s going on, you can see how blogging has taken the back seat.

About 2 weeks ago I went with 2 of my friends up to the University of Maryland for an open house of their Library Science program. The trip ended up being unexciting (mostly me and my friends being snarky with one another) and the open house did not really amount to much. Most of the information given I had already read on the website. Only thing I learned was that they are hoping to get admissions decisions out by the end of the month. So hopefully in less than 2 weeks I will know whether I can escape living with my family in pitiful ham country.

One day I will get back to posting reviews and/or taking part in various blog memes. Right now, I just do not have the time.

Other news, my nerves were peaked to say the least at work last week. For Teen Tech week, my branch manager at Branch #1 asked me to create instructions on how to create both Facebook and Twitter accounts. Since it’s been quite awhile since I created either account for myself, I had to go through the process of creating new accounts in order to write up the instructions. So I created accounts for our system and thought they could be valuable resources for our system in order to communicate with our patrons, keeping them updated on the goings-on at the library as well as allow them to get more out of their library experience. Well, after having spent hours setting up the accounts, filling them up with information, tweeting about new books coming in, etc. my branch manager got cold feet and said we needed to ask for permission from our home branch since I was trying to make the accounts speak for the whole system. Well, they decided that there was no way we (meaning me mostly) could be consistent in our content, and that collaborative efforts never work out, so at this time there is no way we could possibly keep up accounts for the system, nor would we be able to keep accounts going for our particular branches. [Fiery rage] We have always had this issue with our home branch. They are against innovation or changing things in general. Things must stay the way they have always been. It is beyond frustrating. I told my supervisor (separate from my branch manager at Branch #1) that I was done with dealing with our home branch. This isn’t the first time that I, or others in fact, have attempted to help out the system, or improve services for the system, to help both us and the patrons, and then consequently been shut down. Our administration does not know my capabilities and cannot tell me that I will be incapable of maintaining anything. Ugh. Did not want to rant this much about the subject. I could continue, but I will save you from that. I need to just chalk it up to poor management on their part, and realize that is likely to be something that I will encounter often in my career. Needless to say, after this episode I am even more desperate about getting to graduate school and being able to find a better full-time position, one that will grant me the responsibility and/or authority to try new things. One can always hope.

I have some recipes I need to type up, so I shall go now with my weak promise to attempt at updating more often.

À bientôt.


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